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SEBA BROS. FARMS, INC. is a leading edge farming operation and agricultural land management company, with OVER THIRTY YEARS OF PROUD HISTORY!!   Our production includes agricultural commodities, seed production, specialty crops, food grade grains and soybeans, and straw. Production of corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, and straw is large enough in scale to allow us the ECONOMY OF SIZE, yet our diversity allows us to accommodate individual consideration for ANY agricultural land owner or real estate manager.  This also allows us to consider production for the food grade and specialty product industry. Our years of experience with land as an investment brings tremendous value to anyone seeking to own agricultural real estate. Consultation on land as an investment is available.



Commodity grade corn, soybeans, and wheat are produced.



Seed production of soybeans or wheat is available to branded companies.



Food grade soybeans, corn, and wheat can be grown.



Specialty crops such as sunflowers can be grown for any end user.

Our agricultural and land management knowledge, experience, skills, and abilities allow us to BEST utilize the land's resources and the landowner's objectives.

Land owners and potential land owners use our land management knowledge before, during, and after a purchase. Consulting is available.

Our Mission           

SEBA BROS. FARMS, INC., is committed to the business of agriculture, to the landowners we manage property for, the conservation of the land we manage, and to the production of a safe, quality product. Our management experience helps each landowner receive the results they desire from the ownership of agricultural land, while establishing us as PREMIER & RELIABLE PRODUCERS OF QUALITY AGRICULTURAL, SEED, FOOD GRADE, AND SPECIALTY CROPS!!


Company Profile

SEBA BROS. FARMS, INC., owns, manages, and operates an agricultural acreage base, producing quality agricultural, seed, food grade, and specialty crops through the management of agricultural land, utilizing it's resources to reach our opportunities that exist by owning agricultural land.

Contact Information

You may reach us through a variety of mediums as listed below:

816-618-3653 or 816-618-3646
Postal Address:
2111 E. State Route Y, Cleveland, MO  64734
Electronic Mail:
David & Harold Seba: