Tillage and Seeding

  • Cutting Edge Soil Science Techniques
    • Transition all farms to no-till to build soil profile
    • Grid sampling of fields for prescription fertilization and PH levels
    • Seeding of cover crops to build organic matter
    • Installation of terraces and waterways to manage water drainage and prevent soil erosion
  • Precision Seeding Technology
    • Optimal seed population management, tailored by acre
    • Precision seed overlap prevention.
    • Application of latest seed trait technology with higher yield potential by prescribed population
  • Pre-Season Seeding Team Strategic Planning Sessions

Crop Care

  • Ability to apply all dry and liquid nutrients
  • Ability to apply all herbicides and insecticides
  • On staff agronomist:
    • performs scouting of all crops during growing season
    • performs all soil testing and provides precision recommendations and applicator computer drives
    • makes all herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide recommendations for all crops
    • researches all seed populations and provides seeding rates
  • Economies of scale discounts
  • Access reliable products due to strong supplier relationships
  • Ability to transport all products applied from supplier to field locations










Ability to harvest all crops, corn, beans, wheat, straw, and sunflowers on all the acres operated and additional custom harvested areas.

  • Modern updated combines
  • All harvesting support equipment needed: Grain Carts & Trucks
  • Trained and experienced personnel for all equipment and trucks
  • Staff support personal trucks and parts inventory to execute in field service on all machines
  • Farmobile technology in each combine provides daily tracking of productivity
  • Pre-season harvest team strategic planning sessions


  • Seba Bros. provides transportation for all production and products used in the entire operation
  • Access F.O.B pricing on seed, fertilizer, chemicals, and equipment purchased, and improved timelines for input items delivered to our warehouse
  • Delivered pricing opportunities on all grain and oilseed produced: Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Sunflowers, Straw, & Hay
  • We can fulfill any local trucking need; grain, hay, and machinery

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